About Us

30 years in business. Born in Orange County in 1987, JBM Motoring was founded to fill a void in the automotive customizing community. We have set out to create a one stop shop where you can build your truck or Jeep for both form and function. Whether you need to outfit your truck for an offroad adventure, the jobsite, or just to match your personality, we have the gear for you. We pride ourselves on finding products for you that will create solutions and doing so while providing excellent customer service. With a full installation and service facility, we install all of the products we sell, offer warranties and returns, and a face to talk to with any questions.

Our new website is created in 2017 to reach to all who are looking for just a part or the full service A to Z. You can count on our experience, quality of service and if you are in the area, stop by to get the most for your Dollars and years of happy driving.

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